Leach/RAI Fellowship in Public Anthropology

Leach/RAI Fellowship in Public Anthropology

Exciting Opportunity to Increase Public Awareness of Anthropology

The Royal Anthropological Institute, supported by the Esperanza Trust, is seeking to appoint a colleague or colleagues to a Leach/RAI Fellowship in Public Anthropology. The Fellowship is named after Sir Edmund Leach, who was particularly talented in communicating with a wide range of publics. Applicants are invited to propose a programme of public engagement activities, such as writing articles for the print and online press, contributing to social media, blogs and podcasts, giving public talks, including for the internet, radio and television, and/or other innovative activities. The period of the Fellowship is for one year and offers a grant of £18,000. The grant can be used as basic employment, or to contribute to replacement teaching costs, but generally to support the delivery of the proposal and cover other associated expenses.

Deadline 14 October 2019

The rationale behind this decision is to appoint a person or persons to work towards improving the profile of anthropology in public debates. Despite our potential to make vital contributions, politicians and the press are much more likely to consult economists, psychologists and a variety of other specialists than to turn to anthropologists. We would like to see anthropologists regularly consulted, for example on the contribution the environmental knowledge of people we work with could make towards understanding climate change, how our work in Europe or on perceptions of migration and multiculturalism could shed light on polarisation and rising nationalisms in Britain and elsewhere, and how research in medical anthropology can aid understanding of, and policy response to, global health emergencies. Wouldn’t it be great if we could get the general public in Britain as well-informed and appreciative of the diversity of the lives and livelihoods of peoples and their languages as they have become of all the species championed by David Attenborough?

The Fellowship is open to applicants holding an advanced qualification in anthropology, at any stage of their career including emeritus academics, who are eligible to reside and work in the UK. Collaborative applications are also welcome. Applicants should send an application comprising a project proposal (maximum three pages) including a timeline and intended outputs, accompanied by a CV and contact details of two referees. Providing evidence of a track record in public engagement activities and publication in the popular press, broadcast media and/or digital media is encouraged. Please be as specific as possible with regard to proposed outputs and activities for the Fellowship. The deadline is 14 October 2019. Applications should be sent electronically to admin@therai.org.uk. The Fellowship will start in January 2020.

Text from: https://www.therai.org.uk/about-the-rai/rai-announcements/public-anthropology-fellowship